Our Farms

Our farms rely on modern and innovative production techniques, such as employing suitable climate control systems to ensure adequate temperature and ventilation. Regular health monitoring of poultry is conducted, and necessary treatments are provided in case of diseases or parasites.

We adhere to food safety and quality standards. Eggs undergo regular testing to ensure they are free from contaminants, harmful substances, and drug residues. We are committed to implementing the highest standards of sustainable environmental protection.

Important Facts

The sources of our pullets are 100% national, obtained from hatcheries and parent farms.

Our birds are fed with 100% plant-based feeds, meeting the highest nutritional standards.

We adhere to the highest biosecurity standards and are fully prepared to implement Saudi G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices).

Pullets are received in the rearing sheds at 16 weeks of age and then transferred to the production sheds.

We employ modern technology to provide chicks with optimal lighting, water, ventilation, and food.

Our products are packaged with love and care to reach our customers fresh daily.

Feeds are manufactured on-site in our project’s factory.

Our products are safe, sound, and free from drug residues.

We adhere to the highest global quality specifications and standards.

Our products are available at most distribution outlets across the Kingdom.