Al Khuzama Farms for Egg Production is a Saudi agricultural company established in 2011. It aims to produce table eggs, serving as a significant source to meet the increasing demand sustainably. The company undertakes the responsibility of contributing to bridging the food gap and enhancing food security within our homeland, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Located 200 kilometers northwest of the capital Riyadh in the Shaqraa province, Al Khuzama Farms are distinguished by providing a suitable environment and specialized care for poultry. This involves providing adequate spaces for reproduction, proper nutrition, and appropriate healthcare. Addressing the poultry’s needs includes balanced and suitable nutritional feeds and other essential elements like proteins, vitamins, and mineral.


The First Stage - 2011
The Second Stage - 2014
The Third Stage - 2017

Social Responsibility

We consistently work for the betterment of the community in which we live. In our commitment to strengthening human connections, we play our part in serving and engaging with the community with a spirit of responsibility. We strive to make effective and non-profit contributions, addressing matters that promote both security and food well-being.